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I have good intentions of sending photos, pictures and little notes to my family but I am terrible at it.  I start piles … that are to be mailed … and never get around to it.  Life gets in the way … laundry, basketball games, gymnastics, etc.  I made a little New Year’s resolution promising that I would get better … at mailing letters as well as a few other things.  After seeing this organization board via Pinterest … I got inspired.  Here is my take …


I found this board at Wisteria (a favorite shopping place of mine) on clearance.

Perfect for this project!  I found a spot in my craft room and decided to make good on one of my resolutions.

First, to make a few little bags to hold the photos, notes, etc for family members… 5 in all.  With a little bit of scrap fabric, I got started making my bags.  I can make cute appliqued clothes with the best of them, but I am not a bag maker!  I was a little nervous but these are very simple bags.  It was quick and easy.

1. Gather  your supplies … fabric, twine, thread, scissors, hammer, nails & a bulletin board

2. Cut  your fabric.  The size of your bags will determine your fabric size you need to cut.  I wanted my finished bag to be 6 inches by 6 inches.  Double your length size of your fabric before adding your 1 inch hem … as you will be folding the bag in half to create the pocket of the bag.  I added an inch to each side for the hem … so my fabric piece is 8 inches by 14 inches.


2. After cutting the fabric, I ironed the short hems (the 8 inch side) with a 1/2 inch hem folded over twice for a finished edge.  Then, a quick straight stitch …

3. Fold the fabric in half inside out (lengthwise), lining up the 2 short hems.  Draw a line on for each side hem so that your bags will all be the same size.  I drew a line 1 inch from the edge since I left room for a 1 inch hem on all sides when I cut my fabric.  Drawing the line where you plan to sew helps to make sure each bag is the exact same size.  Sew along the line, adding a piece of  twine about at the top of the bag inside the hem while sewing … so you have a little handle.  My twine piece was about 12 inches in length. Repeat on the other side of the bag so you will be able to tie the two together for the handle.

4. Turn your bag right side out and you are done … with one bag.  Repeat for as many bags as you need!

I ordered a few vintage brass tags from The Smith Hotel to finish out this project.  A few nails, tie your bags to the nails … and you are done.

I had a little extra space in the center and added our Christmas card from this past year.  I always try to frame or display our card throughout the year and this was the perfect spot!

Now to fill the bags and mail sweet notes off to my family!

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  1. 1. Party Patisserie~Debbie Says:

    Nicely done, great idea!

  2. 2. andrea Says:

    so cute! thanks for sharing! I am going to try and find a spot to make one for my house!

  3. 3. Lindsay {Easy Made Invitations} Says:

    I love it! It’s also a great idea for all the little things I’m always trying to find in our “junk” drawer! Way better and prettier than our junk drawer! :)

  4. 4. Alison Lawson Says:

    Adorable, and great fabric too!

  5. 5. Aneta Says:

    Absolutely sweet and brilliant ! I have all my to-send and to-save mini things and cars in one super huge bowl that is overflowing right now. Thanks so much for a great idea !

  6. 6. Sarah Says:

    What an adorable idea…and I loooove the fabric!

  7. 7. Brittany Says:

    How fun! The bags are a great idea, I may have to try this. Thank you for sharing! :)

  8. 8. I am inviting you to come and be part of my blog hop: Says:

    I am inviting you to come and be part of my blog hop:

  9. 9. Kari - the Sweetest Memory Says:

    super cute!

  10. 10. Tanya Says:

    I really love your idea and the fabric you chose. Thank you for sharing! :)

    I found you through Think Pink Sundays @ Flamingo Toes

  11. 11. Kristina Says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  12. 12. wendy Says:

    what a fab idea. I need one of these to keep my piles of “stuff” in order!

  13. 13. Maria Says:

    I looove this! Your board looks beautiful, love the fabrics and pattern you used, so pretty! And practical too, which makes it even better! Nice work!

  14. 14. Laurel Stephens Says:

    This is a wonderful idea and a great tutorial. Thank you!

  15. 15. Kathy Brenden Says:

    Love this pretty idea! Consider, if you will, sharing with my readers over at


  16. 16. Alisha Says:

    This is a great idea! Love the fabric too.

    Stopping by from Flamingo Toes linky party and following you via Linky Followers.

    Here is what I shared this week:

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