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My sweet Ava Kate has a small room.  She has enough room for her bed, dresser and a small table.  I love her room but it is missing one thing … a bookshelf.  Ava is completely book obsessed.  She is constantly loading books into a bag and bringing them into her room.  I have been wanting to add a book shelf to her room but there isn’t enough space … until I saw these linear bookshelves over at Living With Punks.  Perfect, easy to make and the price is right! Not to mention, my husband finally had a reason to buy a nail gun.

For detailed instructions on how to make these … click here.

These are very easy to make.  The most time consuming part of the project is painting … and then waiting for the paint to dry.  I am impatient so multiple coats of anything is hard for me.  I followed all of the directions and even did the clear coat. I know … impressive!    It was totally worth it.  They are perfect.

Ava’s face was so sweet when I showed her the completed shelves … all loaded up with her favorite books.  I finished while she was at school.  I made her close her eyes when she walked into her room.  She squealed and then promptly began gazing at all of the books.  She shut her door and didn’t come out for an hour.

Notice the happy dance going on …

I think she liked it!  Her favorite section is definitely the Olivia section…

My attempt to get a picture of her in front of her new bookshelves proved to be a bit tricky!

My favorite part is the very top shelf and the sweet print by Mandipidy that says, “I love you a Bushel and a Peck”.  We sing that song at bedtime, sometimes even making up our own verses.

She is one happy little bookworm!


17 Comments to “crafty … ava’s bookshelves”

  1. 1. Lindsay {Easy Made Invitations} Says:

    Love it!! Totally doing this in my daughter’s room!!

  2. 2. Wendy @ Green Beansie Ink Says:

    I love this! What a great idea!

  3. 3. Elizabeth Says:

    very cute!

  4. 4. laura~eye candy event details Says:

    looks great – this is such a wonderful gift to your daughter! =)

  5. 5. Susan P Says:

    What a fun way to keep books on display!

  6. 6. Leonie @Ashlee Rae Says:

    I love this…such a great space saving idea!

  7. 7. Michelle @ Cakewalk Says:

    Perfect! Better than a traditional book shelve!

  8. 8. Kristina Says:

    Thank you so much! She loves it!!!

  9. 9. Kristina Says:

    if you do, I would love to see pictures!

  10. 10. Stephanie Says:

    wonderful! I would love to do that in our playroom!

  11. 11. Alison Lawson Says:

    Fabulous idea!

  12. 12. Susan @Living with Punks Says:

    Don’t you just love those shelves? Seriously, the smartest invention ever! Your daughter and mine would be BFF’s if we lived any closer too, because mine sticks out the tongue immediately when I say “Smile”…looks familiar :) And I totally understand about the painting and waiting…although, you did better than me because I don’t think I ever painted a clear coat or I possibly never read that far! Awesome job and isn’t it nice to know they will be used for years to come.

  13. 13. Party Patisserie~Debbie Says:

    Wow, this is s great project & how sweet your little girl is. I’m sure she will have fun looking at her books & rearranging them.

  14. 14. Susan@pocacosa Says:

    These turned out so cute!

  15. 15. Jennifer Says:

    Super Cute!!! That may be an idea I use for my kiddos rooms ~ so many books and not enough space!

  16. 16. Erin @ Simply Frugal Mom Says:

    I’m dropping by as the guest judge on The CSI Project this week. These shelves are fantastic! And I love how excited your little girl was about it. Great job!

  17. 17. Kristina Says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet compliment. Has to be one of the best projects i have done … as they are used every day! Have a great weekend!!!

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