more custom birthday shirts

Custom Birthday Shirts by Modern Frills

My latest custom orders for a few lucky birthday girls!  It’s too hard to pick a favorite:)

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aqua & green 1st birthday party

All you need to throw an adorable 1st birthday party in shades of aqua and green for that precious birthday boy …

Boys 1st Birthday Party

birthday shirt \ cupcake \ star garland \ confetti balloon \ candles \ party hat

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let’s go camping

Day 5 of my design challenge!  A camping birthday party … or “glamping” birthday party … is one of my favorite party themes I have seen lately.  I love all of the camping details that can be translated into a party … tents, campfire, smores, etc.  This little tee is perfect for the birthday girl, or shall I say “Head Camper”!

Camping Glamping Birthday Tee for Girls


You can customize this tee with the birthday girl’s name which is stamped on the camp flag.  Who wouldn’t want their very own camp!  This tee is listed here in my shop!

On a side note, my little one and her father are off on a campout this weekend.  It is a little chillier than expected.  If the texts I have received are any indication of how much fun they are having, the girls are all happy campers!

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turning one years old

Day 4 Design Challenge is for the boys. Happy First Birthday! I love birthday tees (obviously), but I really love making the little ones. They are just so teensy and sweet. This ONE Birthday Shirt makes a great first birthday outfit.

1st birthday shirt for boys with Modern Frills

ONE birthday shirt for boys  1st birthday tee First Birthday shirt

This tee is listed in my shop here.

By the way, were my kids really ever that small? Ughh, time go by too fast. I would like to rewind time and smoosh my kids back into those rompers with the snaps in between the legs:)

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diy chalkboard notebook

Day 3 of my design challenge is here and I love these notebooks.  They are perfect gifts for teachers, great for Easter baskets and just plain cute.  They are also easy. This is the DIY project for beginners. The person reading this, shaking their head and saying, “I can’t paint a notebook!” Yes, you can friend!  You can do this!

DIY Chalkboard Notebook by Modern Frills


Gather your supplies.

  • notebook
  • chalkboard paint
  • chalkmarker
  • paintbrush
  • random selection of acrylic paints (whatever you already have at your house)

supplies for DIY chalkboard notebook collage

Tape off the binding edge of the notebook.  Put a paper towel under the front cover while painting.  This will prevent the cover from sticking to the pages.  Once dry, peel off the tape.  Repeat to the back side of the notebook and let it dry. Now to make it pretty!

diy chalkboard notebook by Modern Frills

Pick a color for the main flower.  I chose white.  Paint a blob.  Really, just paint a blob. You can center it on the page or pick a corner.  For your smaller flowers, you can use the same color or switch to a different color.  I chose pink.  Paint a little blob on either side of the big blob.  Your blobs should not be perfect circles.  To finish, add a dab of a different color in the center of each.  You have simple flowers!  Next, use the chalkmarker to personalize with a name or add your favorite quote.  I went with my daughter’s name.  She will love this little notebook.  It is a perfect distraction while riding in the car.

Chalkboard Notebook for kids by Modern Frills

diy chalkboard notebook

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birthday number tee & a fancy font

Day 2 of my design challenge! A simple, yet fancy girl’s birthday number top!  I have a thing for fonts, especially fancy numbers.  I am not exactly sure why, I just like ‘em.  I am always looking for a new way to use them.  Here is the latest … as a sweet girl’s birthday tee.

Birthday Number Tee

Little ones love to tell you how old they are … or how old they think are.  My kids would use their “big voice” when they needed to remind me of their age, as if I forgot.  Why not have a tee that does it for them.  Perfect as a girl’s birthday shirt, birthday present or just a day at the park!

Now when they wag their little finger at you and tell you how old they are … you can say, ” I know!”

Girls Birthday Number Shirt

This birthday tee is listed in my shop now!

Number Birthday Tee for gilrs

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s project.  Hint … It isn’t for my shop!

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big sis & lil sis tees

Day 1 of the Design Challenge is a new item for my shop!  These sweet Big Sis & Lil Sis tees have been on my To Do List for quite some time.  A Big Sis tee is the perfect way to “announce” a new baby … to friends, family and especially to the new BIG SISTER!  I played around with fabrics and can’t seem to get enough of this color combo.  The Lil Sis tee is just so sweet … and tiny.  Were my kids ever really that small!

big sis lil sis collage


These tees are already listed in my shop.  They can be purchased separately or as a set!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s design …

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5 day design challenge

the best is yet to come image from etsy shop(print via ABCD Prints & Printables by Mira Doson)

I have been feeling blah.  In a rut.  It’s my fault.  I haven’t been making the effort to create new designs.  My shop is a great way to make a extra money.  It pays for little things here and there.  But for me, it is more than that.  It is a creative outlet.  I desperately need this outlet.  I feel out of sorts when I am not creating.  Stagnant.  Which leads me to my challenge. One new design or craft project per day for 5 days starting April 1st.  No, this is not an April Fool’s joke!  I am kickstarting myself … out of my slump!  Expect some fun birthday tops and a DIY project or two.  Easy DIY projects!

See you Monday!



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closet reorganization

Closet Reorganization by Modern Frills

Something happens when the weather starts to warm up that gets me moving.  I look around my house and and I see all of the things that aren’t “finished”.  It can be a little overwhelming.  I start to feel a little better when I pick one project to work on.  And the winner is … the closet in our downstairs TV room.  This project has been on the back burner for a couple years.  I have mentioned it to my husband in the past and gotten nowhere.   And then it happened … my husband saw the light and agreed with me.  He took a few measurements, we argued about whether to paint the interior of the closet, I won and off to Home Depot we went!

Here are the before pictures …

Closet Redo before photos .. by Modern Frills

This closet drove me crazy.  The book storage was a nightmare because you really couldn’t get to it easily and there was so much wasted space.  We decided to take everything out including the existing shelves, paint the entire closet and then install new shelving.  I decided on stained shelves because staining is easier than painting.  And, I hate painting.

Almost done.

Closet Redo by Modern Frills

And it’s done, organized and so pretty!

A Total Closet Redo Organization by Modern Frills



Closet Reorganization dual photo by Modern Frills

For a solid week, my daughter would ask everyone that came over if they wanted to see our new closet.  She loves it!  She can see all of our games instead of digging them out of a dark cabinet.  I think we all forgot about half of the games because we couldn’t see them before.  She can also get to her books and she has a place to put them away.  My husband moved an outlet so that I could put the printer in the closet along with everything else that needs to be plugged in.  I love not having to see the cluster of dusty wires tangled on the floor.

On to the next project … which just might be another closet.  Maybe 2014 is the year of the closets!


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a simple birthday party

I have been thinking about what to do for my youngest’s upcoming birthday.  I am torn between a party with friends or a simple party with just family.  With a little tutorial help from this fabulous blog, I did a sketch of what a party looks like on paper (to me) …

A simple birthday by Modern Frills

I showed it to the birthday girl.  Her response was simply, “Oooh, that looks like fun!”  Well, I guess I am on the right track!

I am going to be playing around with these graphics.   I am not quite done.  Next step is to figure out how to make the background transparent!  You just might see them again very soon!


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